4pcs Flower Headbands

Adorable Knitted Baby Headbands with Floral Design

Add a touch of charm and elegance to your baby's wardrobe with our Adorable Knitted Baby Headbands. These beautifully crafted headbands are the perfect accessory for your little one, offering both style and comfort.

Key Features:

Made from soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric, these headbands ensure maximum comfort for your baby's delicate skin.
- **Unique Design**: Each headband features a lovely knitted texture with intricate patterns and is adorned with a cute, soft flower in the center, making them stand out in any outfit.
- **Color Options**: Available in a variety of charming colors – soft pink, beige, light brown, and camel – allowing you to mix and match with different outfits.
- **Perfect Fit**: Designed to fit comfortably on babies of different ages, the stretchable material ensures a snug and secure fit without being too tight.

**Product Specifications**:
- Material: Polyester, Spandex
- Sizes: One size fits most infants and toddlers
- Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended, lay flat to dry

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